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Journal #36 : What are you most grateful for in your life?

1) My Wife: She is my back-born and good supporter. For the happiness and peace in my life, she is the reason. 

2) My Daughter: She is Extra happiness came into my life. 

3) My Parents: If I achieved anything in life, because of them. They didn't give any trouble to me, but only happiness. 

4) My Sister: Honestly I attached with her more after her marriage. Now we became friends. 

5) My Sister's Husband: He is the one who supports me most in my difficult times and with his support I achieved some of my dreams in my life. 

6) Real-Life Friends: I am not a social person and my circle of friends is very less. But my friends are very trustable and supportive.

7) Social Media friends: I am lucky to have some great personalities in my life through social media. They influenced me and motivate me. 

8) Mentors: There were some people pass through my life journey with good practical advice to enhance my abilities and fine-tune. 

9) Books: I am not an avid reader, but I understand that reading is the best way to improve empathy. 

10) God: For giving me a good life 

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