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Journal #37 : Are your eating habits helping you to get energy ?

Honestly, I can say that my food habits are not healthy ones. It's not only my problem but the society I lived in makes me lie that. Most of our typical foods don't have much nutrition and they just serve the function of filling the stomach with the taste for sometimes. In the long run, they may harm our bodies too.  I practice the habit of noting down all the food intake in the MyFitnessPal app and I found out that I didn't achieve my daily nutrition intake is not achieving with the foods I am eating daily.  I tried to find out the local foods which have more nutrition and include them more frequently with my diet. It will not bring a drastic change, but I can feel the energy. I wish to include more colourful vegetables and fruits daily along with my typical food. We have to hack our food system which is more nutritional and not harmful to our body. it's true that 'you are what you eat'.

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